A short history

first herbaria search page in the history Test case

This is our (Edoardo and Patrizio) degree thesis for "Scienze dell'informazione" at Pisa University .

A simpler data model with a lot of application (also a palm pilot application for vegetation).

the vegetation search in the second version First version

Apache httpd, MySQL and a stand alone server

This version of AnArchive user Apache and a group af CGI (Perl) script as web server.

The server is a java stand alone application. The client is a unique java2 (version 1.3) application for botanical data and vegetation data.

A Server side C application did the check-list administration and herbaria management.

home of the first webapp version Firts version of the actual generation

Tomcat 5 and PostgreSQL 7.4

The whole server is a Web Application.

There are three main client application (Java2 1.4), one for the check-list, one for herbaria and another one for vegetation.

home of the Version 3 Version 3

Tomcat 5 and PostgreSQL 8.1

More work on vegetation section (added ploArchiver for plots) and a working map section.

home of the Version 4 Version 4

Tomcat 6 and PostgreSQL 8.3

A lot of work on code refactoring.