02 ott 2014

Links to Actaplantarun e museoscienze

02 ott 2014

"Details of species" page improved

13 giu 2014

Uniform appearance for details of species, plots and specimens.

28 mag 2014

Fixed bug

13 mag 2014

new function: check for errors in a list of species

17 apr 2014

link to Acta Plantarum in specie search

17 apr 2014

Fixed bug: can't upload photo.

17 apr 2014

More space for abundance values.

11 apr 2014

Fixed bug: null value for Pignatti scale is "."

27 dic 2013

Fixed bug: "null pointer" in Relevée diagram page.

22 ott 2013

Fixed bug: after a "remove sociability" operation all scales becomes "Braun-Blanquet"

22 ott 2013

Patch for a very serious bug in vegetation export (species non exported in some plots)

24 ago 2013

Is possible to choose more headers for table of plots

24 ago 2013

Is possible to choose the way to treat doubt species in the tables of plots.

29 giu 2013

Now is possible to exclude species author names in export of table of plots.

29 giu 2013

Fixed a bug that prevents display of the table of plots.

22 giu 2013

Is now possible to include ids in the report "Species table with synonims".

16 mag 2013

Bug in vegetation game: "out of bounds" at every question after the end of the first game

04 gen 2013

Improvements in "Sample table (descriptions)" export

04 gen 2013

Improved session object (GIS search, loan request...) representation in menu

29 dic 2012

Global DB/GIS function is now active with species and places suggestions

29 dic 2012

menus appears over the GIS panel

22 ott 2012

Insertion in simulation mode simulates attribute insertion

15 ott 2012

corrections to the gml/kml export function of the gis page

22 set 2012

It can store maximum and minimum height of the levels

28 ago 2012

Users can reset the password

27 ago 2012

Added user profile

25 ago 2012

Added "Who is next to us?" game

16 ago 2012

Support for Extended attribute

06 ago 2012

New Specimen labels model: MSIENA

06 ago 2012

A bug prevented the inclusion of names of families in the tables of vegetation.

10 lug 2012

The details page of the vegetation shows an error message if it can't find the plot (this is the case of some old links).

17 mag 2012

"Specimen table" is 40% faster in some queries.

17 mag 2012

New field in "Specimen table": "valid name"

10 mag 2012

Bug in visualization of table with no species (access rights)

26 apr 2012

Bug in generation of label of specimens

26 apr 2012

added latitude and longitude in Specimen table

26 apr 2012

Bug in the conversion from percentage to Braun-Blanquet of very low values (<0.01)

26 apr 2012

A specimen without date is now acceptable

21 apr 2012

new downloads page

15 apr 2012

V 5

13 apr 2012

Vegetation Tree view works only with Firefox

10 apr 2012

Error in visualization of species name in plot details.

10 apr 2012

Problems with scale conversion and subplot sums in vegetation tables.

10 apr 2012

V 5rc1

07 apr 2012

Same fields in table headers and table description (export section).

06 apr 2012

Can't export the labels.

05 apr 2012

the database rejects duplicate names of species

26 mar 2012

New fields in Sample table export

12 mar 2012

GIS section is active!

02 mar 2012

A bug prevents species removal

27 feb 2012

New field in "Sample table (descriptions)": "Temp community name"

27 feb 2012

Limited access plots does not shows the species.

03 feb 2012

Fixed bug: the vegetation tree improperly shows (only) the name of hidden plots.

03 feb 2012

V 5β2

27 gen 2012

Can build tables with names and synonyms.

15 gen 2012

Fixed bug: a second search for the same plot will produce a list with 2 times the same plot.

03 dic 2011

Fixed bug: can't do search for specimen or plot with only one search parameter.

03 dic 2011

Links (if availables) are presents in each details page.

23 nov 2011

Can generate check-lists only with accepted names.

14 nov 2011

Fixed regression: "equivalent species" is again an option.

12 nov 2011

Maps works properly in Chrome and Safari.

31 ott 2011

V 5β

31 ott 2011

Regression fixed: login available inside each page

31 ott 2011

What's new page has replaced old changelog

27 ott 2011

New management of changelog file: maintained in memory and shown also (partially) in home page

27 ott 2011

The old-fashioned map system again active with some corrections (ie: can search in all herbaria/projects)

27 ott 2011

Removed page herbaria/statistics (it contains only a link to the reports page)

27 ott 2011

New abundance scale management system for plot

24 ott 2011

Fixed bug that prevented the search for plot according to the species

24 ott 2011

Faster build of species details page

21 ott 2011

The vegetation tables can now manage synonyms

01 ott 2011

V 5α

20 set 2011

New preference "conservation status"

20 set 2011

Abundance check during input.

19 set 2011

Numerical values for Braun Blanquet scale

17 set 2011

Convert a value from percentage to Van Der Maarel

17 set 2011

New abundance scale for plot: Pignatti

17 set 2011

New abundance scale for plot: Van Der Maarel

27 ago 2011

Basic geographic search (disabled by default)

23 lug 2011

Possibile la rimozione dei links

16 lug 2011

All'inserimento di una immagine vengono create le miniature

03 lug 2011

Si può raggiungere un singolo rilievo dalla rappresentazione ad albero

03 lug 2011

Migliorata la pagina dell'elenco dei cartellini

04 apr 2011

Disponibile un convertitore di coordinate in archiver

12 apr 2011

Campo per gruppo trofico

14 apr 2011

Nuovo campo "note" nella specie rilevata

16 apr 2011

Home page ridisegnata

16 apr 2011

Differenti criteri per raggruppare i rilievi

24 mar 2011

Espandere i gruppi della vegetazione senza ricaricare la pagina

27 ago 2010

Creare cartellini da un rilievo

27 set 2010

È possibile inserire le immagini nel sistema

27 set 2010

Nuovi dati geografici, adesso vengono registrate soltanto informazioni in WGS84 e la precisione del dato

25 ago 2010

Nuovo sistema per l'impostazione delle preferenze